HT-Z Giant Schnauzer Rescue

Looking for a “Furever” Home

Meet Aggie


Black 2 1/2year old female, Dock tail and cropped ears
UPD on all vaccinations
Including Heartworm monthly meds
Aggie has had three homes.
The last home was for 8 months with a 9yo boy.
I would not suggest a home with children because children are not able to control her activity. She loves people. You need to be aware that she may jump on them.

She is a very active giant schnauzer that can use a large fenced in yard. She is able to run around our ½ acre fenced area supervised. She had gone under the fence which has been repaired. I have not experienced her going over a fence. The previous owner said she went over theirs but we have a 42” chain link fence.

Aggie can play rough with others (people and dogs) she was not taught at a young age who is the boss. She use to pull on our male Giant neck till he got scabs. They have since worked this out. She is ok with me playing with her but she knows I don’t tolerate jumping and chasing. She tells me when it is time to go in and is very good about going back in her kennel.
Aggie plays rough with her toys.,tennis ball or stuffed toy; She thinks it is her toy and will not give nicely although we are working on treat for toy. She does not share very nicely with other dogs. She wants their toy and not hers. She will go after their toy strongly.

Aggie can be a Houdini with staying in a kennel at night or during the day while at work. There will be times she is ok with just laying in the crate and other times she push herself out by nudging the kennel door open.
She likes jumping on the bed which is no, no. She is very curious about our cat but I don’t think she would hurt a cat but I don’t know how she would do with a cat in the home.

Aggie needs a job to do, Obedience, Rally, Agility or Search and Rescue or Schutzchund. She has a great nose and memory from our daily walks and romps down the road. She enjoys walks and is learning obedience every day. Sit/down/heal and come commands. We are working up to 30 feet on leash recalls but we don’t come consistently off Leash!

She great with grooming her body but we are working on grooming her ears. When I first got her she would only let me trim them with scissors. Someone must have scared her or was rough with her while grooming around her ears.
She knows bad from good with all the praise she gets on a daily basis.
Aggie is a beautiful active Giant Schnauzer. With constant attention, praise, patience and obedience she will be a fabulous dog for someone.